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It's Almost Time!

As I write this, I’m sitting in my newly (almost) put together shop. The sanding and spackling and painting are over, the arranging and choosing and pricing are done. Hanging and nailing (and re-hanging) is all finished now. The doors will officially open in just four short days, and my excitement is through the roof! Of course, the counterpart to that is the anxiety that comes from doing something so huge in the middle of a world gone crazy.

It’s always been incredibly easy for me to get caught up in those unproductive thoughts, but this time has been different. Getting down and dirty with putting this business together was an incredibly personal journey for me – one that required I get extremely honest with myself over realistic expectations and what I can and cannot control.

What I learned is my desire to offer what Gaia’s is and can be to the community has very little to do with me. It’s really one giant trust exercise with the Universe. I trust that I am following the path I was led to, and the people who need what I have to offer (or those who have something to teach) will find me in the right time.

That’s it. That’s the whole lesson. Trust yourself and your intuition, and everything else will follow. Not nearly as easy to do as it is to type out, but oh, so worth it.

Taking this approach thus far has led me to this beautiful, magical point in my life that I could have never imagined. I have no regrets and no intention of letting my monkey-mind derail that progress - even when it comes to purchasing a business during a pandemic!

I am so grateful to be on this path, and grateful for a community that embraces and welcomes it. I cannot wait to get to know you all!

See you very soon! All love, fellow travelers.


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