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Singing Each Other Home

Whoooo…what a crazy last few months, you guys!

This amazing, sweet little shop has been such an ocean of love and connection during the insanity, and there are no sufficient words to express my gratitude to the Universe and to my customers for making it so.

Every single day I am honored by the heartfelt sharing, vulnerability, and compassion that occurs in this place. Every single day I am further amazed by the connectedness of us all…the energetic web that shifts and shakes as we all move further down our respective paths. And every single day I can hear the Song of Love grow louder.

What I want you all to know in this moment is that you’re not alone. Not one of you. I cannot count the number of stories and experiences that come through this door that are exactly like yours, whether you know it or not. You are part of a collective – locally and globally – and there are always others standing with you, right alongside in your experience, even when you cannot see nor feel them.

The biggest commonality I have noticed lately in the friends and customers I visit with (and in my own journey) is the themes of resistance and exhaustion.

The exhaustion is so understandable on every level. We are neurologically programmed to produce large amounts of adrenaline in crisis situations, and then our bodies are meant to come back down from that chemical position. But when the whole world feels like a crisis, and the hits just don’t stop coming, our systems get seriously chemically overloaded.


You’re not crazy – we *are* in a national (and somewhat global) state of exhaustion. You’re not wrong or weak or weird for feeling it. You’re human, and that’s a gift, even when it doesn’t feel like it. My advice would be the same you see everywhere – unplug, take a walk, touch the grass, hug a tree, hug your kids, hug your dog, soak in a bath…whatever it takes for you to reconnect with your own intrinsic humanity and divinity. Do it. Call a friend or bake a cake. Self-care is not selfish. You cannot give others a ride if you have an empty tank.

Now, for the resistance and ‘general funk’ of the collective portion, because that is the largest piece I believe to be intrinsically linked to everything else going on.

The virus, the racial reckoning, the fear, the love, the beauty, the connection, the shifting, the remembering Who We Are…it’s all been piling up so fast we haven’t quite had time to assimilate anything, much less let it saturate and move forward.

And astrology is not my field of expertise, but I’ve learned enough to know this year was a giant cleaning out of personal and collective wounds. The planets have pulled us back into ourselves over and over and over these past 10 months, and made us face the hard things.

So let’s break down the energy of that a bit.

First, please stop and really hear this if you’ve just been through a spiritual growth spurt and are sitting in that place of “oh, no, what have I done…what am I going to do now…what was I thinking…I must have been wrong…everything’s falling apart…”

Breathe, love. You are exactly where you need to be.

Shifting your energy signature by raising your vibration (through meditation, surrender, shadow work, & spiritual seeking), and the subsequent fallout from that is completely normal. It’s necessary. You are literally now vibrating differently than you did before, and so things that no longer resonate with this new vibration must fall away.

The spiritual realm does not work in a hierarchal way (there’s no ‘better than’ – ‘higher’ only means in vibrational signature), but this realm does work in levels, so think of it like this:

When you were in elementary school, you had certain toys that were your favorites. As you grew up, they no longer brought the same amount of joy, because you were now a little different. Still ‘you’, but you had different interests and different desires, and the toys now served no purpose but nostalgia. That did not make them less valuable in the grand scheme of things, or mean you were wrong for wanting them or playing with them. They were just no longer attuned to what you needed.

Energy is much the same way. As we move along our own personal Spiral of Growth, we grow and change, and the things that no longer serve us in this new self naturally fall away. It does not mean they were bad or wrong, just that they’re no longer part of our current chapter. They’re still part of our overall story, but in a past chapter, so to speak.

So as you grow and shift and move forward in your spiritual journey, you will notice your social circles changing, your wants and needs, your habits, love relationships, often even your career or housing suddenly being in upheaval. This is because you’ve broadcast to the Universe who you now are and who you’re becoming, and It is working hard to align the best reality all around you for this new signature.

This can be scary. Change is frightening, after all, and sudden change even more so.

But this is where the real work begins.

When this stage hits, you’re often coming off a major spiritual high. You’ve stepped into your power, made the tough choices for your soul’s benefit, and were absolutely sure *this* was the way to go! Everything just flows and falls into place and it’s so beautiful. Why didn’t you do this sooner?

And then the Bike Chain of Life slips and things start to fall apart, fall away.

Relationships get weird. Your job no longer satisfies. Things break in your house, your car. You get a flat tire when you’re already late for an appointment. Suddenly that flow state is gone and you’re swimming upstream against the Universe, just trying to keep from drowning.

This is where it’s so easy to give in to fear…to wonder if you’re actually going nuts instead of growing spiritually. What if you were just imagining everything and now have upended your life for no reason? No matter how hard you try or what method you use, you simply cannot connect to Spirit the way you did before. The flow seems cut off, and you feel stupid for ever believing in yourself.

We feel lost, in this phase. Frightened. Abandoned by this beauty we’d just discovered, and sometimes even abandoned by the Universe itself. Made a fool of. Used. Mocked.

This is a normal, natural, dualistic reaction to a holistic spiritual evolution. Let me explain why.

We came into the physical to experience dualism – the balance of All…the good, the bad, the ugly. To learn from the bottom up. Had we wanted to learn slower by remaining where access to Spirit is easier and things didn’t have to naturally keep a positive/negative balance, we would have chosen that.

We didn’t. We’re here, and we’re meant to experience all of this as it is.

So take a moment here to give yourself credit for knowing you’re strong enough to survive this life you’ve chosen. If you doubted your ability to handle it at a Soul/Higher Self level (which, let's face it, is infinitely wiser than the monkey-mind), you wouldn’t have taken the incarnation. It all feels gross and difficult here, but it’s all to a purpose – learning faster than we could in another energetic setup.

I could write an entire blog about dualism and spirituality (and probably will), but for now I want to return to the shift-and-fallout/resistance issue.

When you shift your vibration, not only do things fall away and fall toward you to create the reality you’ve chosen and are projecting, but there also is a balance that must be kept in the dualistic nature of the physical world.

When we shift to a higher vibration on our Spiral, that knocks things out of balance. This is a good thing – the fallout that occurs is not punishment, please understand. It’s simply a shaking out of the balance of things to return to stasis. Once everything returns to a neutral point within your new vibration, then you’re free to move forward, up the Spiral of Growth, and head into your next cycle of enlightenment/doubt/growth.

Where we get into trouble is when we resist the changes that happen as a natural result of shifting our vibration, or when we bail out as things start to get hard because we’re scared we messed up. Neither of these is a wrong choice, on a Soul level, because technically you can still learn wherever you are, vibrationally. However, you will not gain the depth of knowledge you’re seeking until you surrender to the process and allow the cycle to continue.

Surrender is often used as such a weak-connoted word. It’s used as the opposite of ‘fight’, which is considered a brave-connoted word. But in the spiritual realm, this – like many things – is very different.

In the vibrational realm, fighting what you’ve set in motion is simply counterintuitive. You chose this shift, and you’ve enjoyed the beauty of the flow from it. However, the balance of that is you must endure the equalizing of energy around you before you proceed.

Your true strength, your real ‘fight’ is in the trusting of your Higher Self, your Higher Power, the Universe in general, and in the surrendering to the rhythm of this spiral ascension. It calls for you to fight against your material self who is always concerned with "but what if…will he…won’t she…how could they…how could I…if I don’t ‘X’ then ‘Y’ will happen"…so on and so forth.

Here’s the most important spiritual advice I could give you in any situation, but especially in this one – THE DETAILS ARE NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Literally. Stop worrying about the how’s and why’s and what ifs. You’ve put your new signature out into the Universe. Now it’s time for you to sit back and let that equalize so you can continue to learn and grow. This part is out of your hands and not your job in any way.

Stop looking for something to do - there's nothing to be done by you. Just live. Breathe. Read a book. Obsessing over the details is just sitting in a spiritual rocking chair – it occupies you, but you’re not getting anywhere productive.

This ‘resisting resistance’ phase also calls for you to release any attachment to being right. I have found this to be the most difficult thing to master on my own path.

One of the most common human fears across the board is the fear of being perceived as ridiculous, or of being made a fool of. When we put our trust in something so ethereal and intangible as Spirit or vibration or intuition – especially when those around us are not in the same vibrational space – that fear rears its ugly head in a big way.

This is where your soul strength comes in. This is where you must hold on to your heart’s truth and what you know to be real. And if you’re struggling with a way to do that, let me suggest an amazing practice I’ve really leaned into lately that some of you may have already been a surreptitious part of...

When you have forgotten your own Soul Song, when you have forgotten who you truly are and why you’re here, ask the Universe to send someone to sing your Song back to you so you can remember.

In the times I’ve have been at my most frantic or frightened about where I am on my journey recently, I’ve made a conscious point of stopping, sitting down, and asking for this gift. Sometimes it’s a lighter asking, sometimes it’s almost desperation, but every time, I am presented with a beautiful soul who walks into my life and sings my Song back to me in some way.

I cannot overstate the overwhelming, unconditional Love that sweeps into your being when this happens, and it just brushes everything else aside. It’s a wonderful method to watch energy work for your highest good in an immediate gratification type of way, and a great tool to see perhaps you’re not crazy after all (or at least the best kind of crazy).

It’s also an important reminder that we are all part of the same web, the same network of energy, and if we can choose to live from a place of Love every day, we can all do this for each other as we travel. We can recognize where others are needing us to do the singing, and be fulfilled in offering that to their souls, as well.

Part of why I wanted to own this shop was to help sing others’ Songs back to them and remind them of their own intrinsic beauty and holiness in all this external madness. I never expected to need nor find my own Song being sung back so often. What a beautiful, unexpected revelation that is. And I am so grateful.

Please know you are not walking this path alone. We are all out here fighting for our own surrender to our Souls. Let’s continue to lift each other toward that.

I hope to have the honor of being part of your journey at some point. I am so glad you’re all part of mine.

All love, fellow travelers.


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