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Gaia's Gathering Place

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Click the link below to go right to the new network, or scroll down for more details!

What Is It?

Gaia's Gathering Place is a new kind of social media network - one with no ads, no algorithms determining what you see, and no selling or mining of your personal data.

Hosted on Mighty Networks, Gaia's Gathering Place gives our community a safe space to interact, connect, and grow, all without the typical downsides of social media.

Who Is It For?

Spiritual seekers of all kinds on all levels of their journey who want a compassionate place to connect with others on similar paths, those who want to learn more about Spirituality and/or Witchcraft as a practice, and Practitioners in the industry who are looking for a gentle place to celebrate the joys and challenges of our work.

How Does it Work?

With a basic free membership, you have access to a like-minded community built just for you, complete with topics to help organize conversation, weekly Discussion Threads to help you move forward, and a space to create real-world connections with others like you.

Included with your membership is the ability to sign up for low-priced, virtual classes offered on the network:

Witchcraft 101
Discover the path to your personal practice and tap into the energy of herbs and crystals.

Witchcraft 201
Cleansing & Warding a space, Manifestation & Protection work, and simple spells for daily life.

Pendulums, dowsing rods, and tarot - oh my!

Shadow Work, Shielding, & Sigils
Step into Shadow Work, create your personal energy Shield, and craft Sigils to enhance your practice.

Deepening the Spiral
Growth is a spiral, not a straight line. Dig in with me to facilitate deeper spiritual growth.

You can also choose to bundle classes and save even more!

This space is designed to be the gathering place so many of you have asked for. I'm beyond excited to get to share it with you!

Who Are We
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